Big Tribe 1 - Spiritual Observations

Big Tribe is where the saying below that we use in STS is seriously applied.

“He who drives the wagon to town
will remember the way back the next time.”

An instructor with excellent STS teaching skill leads everyone in the workshop as one big “tribe” in preparing a story.

Tribe Division and Rotation

Explain how after tea/coffee break you will be part of a small study group. Explain how each group had a number and the name of a tribe of Israel from the Bible. Divide the attendees into groups by numbering

Nathan Principle

In 2 Samuel 12:1-14 God gives us a principle of communicating spiritual truth. King David had clearly sinned by committing adultery, and then ordering his military leader to murder the woman’s husband. But afterward, David tried to hide his sin.

Joy of Discovery

If I’m out walking, and as I travel along, I notice something by the side of the road. I think, Wow, a valuable treasure, on the ground and I pick it up. I say, “Oh, boy, I just found a treasure!” I run back to my friends to show them my treasure.