Certification Tracks

Practitioner / Assistant Instructor

To Become an STS Practitioner, Applicants Must Be:

  1. Able to tell an assigned Bible story correctly to an instructor with nothing added and nothing left out.
  2. Able to tell the story in an interesting manner.
  3. Able to lead listeners to a reasonable amount of treasures (Spiritual Observations and Spiritual Applications from their story using questions.)
  4. Able in a kindly affirming manner, to use discussion style teaching to lead people to treasures according to the STS method.

Provisional Instructors

Provisional Instructors are invited (and welcomed) to serve as staff for STS workshops in USA and abroad.

To qualify as an STS Provisional Instructor, the applicant must be:
  1. An STS Practitioner.
  2. Able to find a reasonable amount of original treasures in an assigned story.
  3. Able to formulate questions that lead listeners to those treasures.
  4. Able to kindly lead attendees to discovery in preparing a story (leading not preaching) in an STS workshop setting.
  5. Able to name and explain the reasons for the parts of STS in Phase One and Two of the Presentation.
  6. Able to tell The Path and The Wise Counselor and know the workshop process well for tribe preparation and presentation as explained on the "Gold" sheet.
  7. Able to demonstrate understanding of all six stories used for at least two of the tribes.

Certified Instructors

Certified Instructors are able and qualified to fully lead STS workshops

To qualify as an STS Certified Instructor, the applicant must be:
  1. An STS Practitioner.
  2. Able to reasonably present and give the reasons behind all of the information in the STS workshop schedule.
  3. Able to show ability, knowledge and commitment to the STS requirements on the certification checklist.
  4. Able to successfully plan and lead a workshop under the supervision of a Senior Instructor.